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Recovery Starts Here

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Recovery Starts Here

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Recovery Starts Here

Jacob Rosedale

A compassionate trailblazer in addiction psychology, celebrated for my unique blend of personal empathy and professional insight.


A profound passion for transformation drives me, and I make it my mission to guide individuals through the intricate journey of addiction recovery, fostering genuine connections along the way.

I help clients learn valuable skills and strategies to reclaim their lives and repair the damages caused by a substance or behavioral addiction.

Hi, I'm Jacob

From a safe, non-judgmental space, the individual learns to understand their addiction and unravel the reasons behind their struggles to quit on their own.

Addiction Therapy

Addiction Therapy

Even in the most wonderful relationships, there can be hurdles to overcome. There are times when communication feels like a minefield, triggering emotional reactions. 

Couples/Relationship Therapy

Couples/Relationship Therapy

Individual therapy can be intimidating due to fears of judgment, vulnerability, and change. I provide a safe, non-judgmental space for clients to address their concerns. 

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy

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What People Say...

I have been working with Yaacov Rosedale for over a decade. The combination of his professionalism, personal life experiences, excellent team player approach & thinking out of the box, and willingness to take calculated risks in who he treats, affords me the opportunity to refer to his services some of the most challenging cases we work with. Out of fear, most therapists would turn away these extremely challenged and suffering souls; leaving the individual and their loved ones feeling even more desperate than how they felt before.

Yaacov Rosedale is a beacon of light to those lost in the dark.

With G-D's guidance, I wish Yaacov and all those he treats with all the success possible.

Dr. Tamir Shefer, Licensed Psychologist
Program Director
Shalvat Chayim

What People Say...


Yaacov, thank you for providing an address for therapy with the comfort of a best friend.

I don't believe anyone battling addiction can do what you can!

- A.

(male client) who suffers from addiction and co/dependency

What People Say...

"Yaacov Rosedale - One of a kind Therapist!

Not only was Yaacov able to get positive results with Alcohol Addiction- He is also very helpful with dealing with family issues that come along with Addiction and Co-morbidity.  Versed in many types of modalities such as CBT and DBT besides the 12 step approach!

  Yaacov is so caring and knows from personal experience what works and what doesn’t. 

We have worked with many other therapists over many years and Yaacov Rosedale is the only therapist to achieve results and put our family back together.  We are truly blessed to have him in our lives!!"

From Mrs. B - wife of an Alcoholic/Weed using client

 Videos with Jacob Rosedale, LPC

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