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Therapy Session

Concierge Level Care for Your Journey Ahead

  • Purpose:

Establish rapport with the client or couple to understand their reasons for seeking therapy.

  • Key Steps:​​

    • Explain the confidentiality policy.

    • Outline what they can expect from me as their therapist.

    • Clarify expectations for therapy.

    • Discuss the client's or couple’s primary concerns.

Initial Meeting


  • Purpose:

Conduct a comprehensive assessment to identify the root of the problem, its manifestations, and its current impact.

  • Key Steps:​​

    • Dive into the onset, signs, and symptoms of the problem.

    • Understand the problem's current impact on the individual's life or relationship.

    • For couples, assess each partner’s emotional state and mutual concerns.

    • Identify fears or reservations about the therapy process.

Intake Sessions


  • Purpose:

Initiate targeted intervention to address urgent issues while laying the groundwork for deeper therapeutic work.

  • Key Steps:​​

    • Tackle the most immediate and distressing problems, often using approaches informed by CBT or DBT.

    • As urgent issues subside, shift focus to underlying traumas and fears, drawing on insights from training.

    • Introduce techniques for sustainable change, utilizing motivational interviewing strategies inspired by Stephen Rollnick and William R. Miller.

    • Continually reassess and adjust therapeutic goals and strategies based on client progress.

Therapy Begins


This process serves as a roadmap, guiding the therapeutic journey from initial uncertainty to hopeful transformation. It's designed to address both immediate needs and the deeper, often hidden, emotional challenges that can perpetuate harmful patterns of behavior.

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